Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sharing the moment

I have had such a wonderful day. Everyone I met was in a good mood. And on my way home after work I went to the grocery store and everyone was staring at the TV while the Prime Minister announced the new cabinet. We all just stopped, watched and shared the moment. When it was over I called out 'Mabrouk everybody! It's a new Libya!'


  1. Ou you stupid women...When Sharia law comes you will be desed like a ninja and threated like a slave...you will be poor...no benefits from country like in Gadafi era...no free studying, medical car, food, electricity, homes, cars...you will have to work to earn a litlle pay check, that pay check will not be enough to pay, taxes to goverment, food, electricity, oil, whater, to pay loans to foreign banks...you will be pour!!! You had a bigers life standard than many EU countryes...and you destroyd country like that...you are stupidest people on planet earth!!! American student pays 60000$ for one year at colleage...Libyan student have same thing for free anywhere in the world...and aloance im amount of 2000EUR...2000EUR workers in moust EU countries as a paycheck dosent have...but that is in past...that was Gadafis Libya in a newone you will have to take loan from foreign bank to pay that...Libya had 0 loans from IMF...all in Libya what was bulit its from oil money...now you will take billions of $ for loans from IMF to rebulid your country, country that they bobmd and destroyed...ou you stupid people...you have changed freedom for slayvery, whelt for poorines...i konw taht you will not publish my commnet but i had to wrote this...because you had a life and you will see what Western democracy means...we did same thing in former Yugoslavia and now we are in loans, moust of the people are poor...before we destroyed our country we where in top 3 countries in Europe...now we are in botthom...dont make our mistakes!!!

  2. I wish it gets a new Libya, then I wish to myself that Libyans remain the same as they were before. Hugs :)

  3. Thanks Khadija

    yes, it's a new LIBYA.

    hoping that the new government will succeed in fixing it all!

    God help us all.

  4. Anonymous.... where on earth are you getting your information from? What a load of crap. Obviously you never lived in Libya or researched the facts you are stating in your comment.

  5. Anonymous : are you pro gaddafi ? oh who i`m kidding . your media brainwashed. long live free libya . viva la libya .


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