Saturday, January 15, 2011

Two weeks into 2011

Yesterday I had planned to spend the morning in the garden planting seeds for the future - flowers in spring begin their lives now. But it was cloudy and cold so I scrapped the idea and hung about the house. Today the weather is better. Ibrahim and I went to a plant nursery and bought an assortment of things to put in the area around my desk. That's today's project. I'll plant some seeds too - pictures to follow, hopefully.

Later I have to do the weekly big shopping at the supermarket. The Libyan government supposedly lowered the tariff on food in the country... it's yet to be filtered down to supermarkets. Everything seems to be getting more and more expensive. And the kids are eating more and more too. Teenagers consume a huge amount of food - like a hoard of locusts!

It's only fifteen days into 2011 and our household has increased in size. 

  • The last week of December, Yusef came across a heavily pregnant stray dog with a leg injury. He decided to keep her safely in the shed out on the farm. On New Year's day she gave birth to 4 puppies, two of which died. So we have New Year puppies! (now that puts the number at 7 dogs for us) 
  • Cheekie, the cockatiel was looking a bit lonely so we bought her a partner. We've named him Chucky. Cheekie isn't very sociable - she's a bit bossy and poor Chucky looks henpecked already.
  • And finally, I hope, is a big white albino rabbit that was delivered last Thursday evening. Fitting as this is the year of the rabbit. The cats have been trying to figure how to make the rabbit into a meal. I'm not sure how long the rabbit is going to last.
I looked up the Year of the Rabbit to see what I'm supposed to be like  (I was born in the year of the rabbit).  It says this:

"People born in the year of the rabbit and sheep are considered the most sympathetic. They know how to comfort others, and will listen to them patiently. They are realists. They will not adventure forth with you into strange places even if you are their best friend. They will help any friend who is in trouble if it is within their power. But if you hurt them they will leave you quickly and in a friendly way." 

Well, I can sometimes be sympathetic and patient. Definitely I'm a realist. The part about venturing into strange places doesn't sound right considering I'm living in Libya. I will help those in trouble if it's at all possible, but I'm a firm believer that some people need to help themselves. Hurt me and you will get dumped for sure - not so sure if I'll be friendly about it though. 

Happy Year of the Rabbit!

I will post pictures later.... if I get around to it.

P.S.... People are all excited about events in neighbouring Tunisia... just when I was planning a weekend away all hell breaks loose... sigh..  I'll have to wait till things settle down. Viva le Tunis!

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