Friday, January 08, 2010

Making Arrangments

About a month ago my mother-in-law went off to Tunis to have medical treatment. She ended up having balloon angioplasty and returned home looking much healthier than when she left, thank God. For a while she had a houseful of guests but things have slowed down. 

I visited my mother-in-law on the day she came home, after that I stayed away. The kids stopped by from time to time on their way home from school to visit their grandmother. One day my daughter Sara informed me that her grandmother said she wanted to have me take her out shopping. I guess the stream of visitors has died down and now she is ready to get on with life... and probably needs to restock everything that the visitors have used up. 

I called her on the phone and we had a cryptic conversation:

Me: Asalamualaikum!
Hajja: Walaikumasalam wa rahmatulla wa barakatuhu! (she's been studying at the mosque)

Me: How are you?
Hajja: Elhamdulilla! I'm fine!

Me: I'll pick you up tomorrow morning. Ten o'clock.
Hajja: Bahi!

Me: Bye
Hajja: Bye

We hang up.

We always have to make our arrangements this way. If any of my sisters-in-law find out we're going shopping they will want to come along too. But I know when my mother-in-law asks me to take her out it's because she wants to get away from them for a change.

Retail therapy begins tomorrow at ten... we're gonna have a good time!


  1. Masha Allah its good that she can relax with you :) X

  2. :) cherish those times with her. I'm glad that she is on the mend, alhamdulillah. My mother in law passed away on Tuesday night in tunisia. Please say a prayer for her. Will be in touch inshaAllah.


  3. Amoola.. sorry to hear about you're mother-in-law. May Allah reward her for all her good deeds.

  4. How lucky for you both that you two get along so well ! I can just see you shopping together , lol .You are so kind to is all !! Thanks for your visit today . I really needed it too!!!!
    Amoola ... Salamtic Rossic .So sorry for you and your family's loss .

  5. Teri you're a great friend and your mother in law is blessed to have you.


  6. first, condloences to amoola and family rahamat Allah alaiha.
    re the cryptic arrangements- that is so funny
    glad she is feeling better


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