Monday, January 11, 2010

Cooled off

The weather has finally gotten cold here. Hooray!

The kids were outside grilling chicken tonight in the garden. It smelled wonderful and tasted even better. Unfortunately they'd eaten all the marshmallows and I had these really nice chocolate coated cookies that would have made great s'mores...sigh... I'll have to get more marshmallows and hide them better.


  1. hope to see you on twitter soon.

  2. I am an American married to a Lybian. I have been reading your blog with much interest for several years. You are a very intelligent woman and I have learned many things about Lyian and its culture by reading your entries. I have a question that I think you can answer. I am sorry but it doesn't really have anything to do with your post. My question is this: At what age is the child of a Lybian father able to go visit Lybia and leave without needing the father's consent? In other words, what is considered the age of maturity for the child of a Lybian father? Thank you for taking the time to answer.

  3. Anonymous... thanks for reading. I think that the age of maturity is either 18 or 21, but I'm not sure. You can look on the US Embassy in Libya's website for a list of lawyers here - someone that practices family law.

    I know that when I went home last summer with my son Ibrahim who was 10 at the time, we were stopped in the airport and my husband had to sign a release allowing Ibrahim to be taken out of the country by me.

    In my opinion - if you don't trust your husband then DO NOT come here under any circumstances.

  4. Dear Khadija,

    Thanks for the advice. From my research, the age of maturity appears to be 18. My son is 14 and I don't feel comfortable about letting him go to Lybia with his dad. I think that I will just go with my gut instincts.

  5. It look nice picnic, also yesterday my family enjoyed the big meal ( koskos with osban )
    mmmmm ....marshmallow ... I didn't taste before,

  6. dear fellow american,

    honestly, do follow your instinct. even if you trust your husband, other "things" can go wrong and your child could be stuck there. imagine the worst case scenerio and be honest with yourself, can you accept the consequences?


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