Friday, February 04, 2005

Cleaning the house

Cleaning the house is such a drag. . .

I am sick of all the laundry and the dishes. It seems like it never ends and it's depressing. That makes it hard to get motivated. Maybe it's a winter thing - being unable to open up all the windows and let the breeze blow through (freeze if I did that now). I can't get the girls interested either - no reward or prize even slightly tempts them - daily drudgery. Actually Nora and Sara do a pretty good job of helping out - but they grumble the whole time.

I was thinking of taking the girls out for a walk to the suk to do some window shopping - but they are teenagers now and attract too much attention. I asked Adam if he wanted to go with me and he said 'No!'. Maybe I will just have to venture out by myself then. I definitely need some fresh air.

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  1. our house is always a huge mess...we have so many (10)people living here, it's pretty hard to keep clean... right now we have a couple of guidelines for everyone who is over 10, which means everyone except owen who is 7... they are taught how to wash their own clothes once a week (even the boys!), they have to do dishes once a week... each of them has one room they have to clean once a week (ie. the living room or bathroom) - we don't rotate as its a pain to keep track - but I will switch them to another room every 4 months or so to be fair... the oldest has more responsibility than say the 14 year old... and owen, my 7 year old does recycling, feeding the pets, putting out garbage, and helping pick up garbage in the rec room (cause he puts it there!)... yes they grumble... but I try to say "hey, this is OUR house, and I need your help" - then I reward with going out for dinner once a week (or renting a movie)


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