I'm getting into it!

Ramadan is well underway and I'm getting into it - finally - it took me a while to get over the coffee cravings. I had a few days of nasty headaches and a foggy feeling happeneing all the time. Must have been withdrawal.

Now that the middle of the month is almost here I will have to get into the swing of things and start looking for Eid clothes for all 6 of my kids. Now that is a painful experience! Crowded shops and having to take the kids out in a public place. Well - while I'm out there I DO notice that there are all kinds of misbehaved little brats - not just mine! But Ibrahim is absolutely the worst - can't get him to listen or settle down - and he's like a 'bull in a china shop'. I'm sure he will manage to break something. . . . say a few prayers that I make it through the Eid shopping.


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