Tuesday, September 06, 2016

To Domain or Not to Domain

About 15 years ago I had a website. I was teaching myself webdesign, graphic design and coding. The website was mostly about Libya. At the time the Internet was fairly new in Libya, there wasn't much information on the Internet about Libya so I decided since I was learning how to create websites I would have a theme, and that would be Libya. It worked out well for me because I learned not only design and coding, I also learned a lot about Libya. I had a great time. I met lots of interesting people in the process too.  

Having your own domain cost money. I think at the time I paid about 100 dinars a year, which isn't that much, but along came blogging and that was free. I decided to give up the domain and switch to blogging. At that time we had started building our own house, Libya was rapidly changing, opening up to the world. I wanted to use the blog to keep my family and friends 'back home' up to date about what I was doing and it was easier with a blog. So I closed the website and let the domain sit unused.

When I didn't renew it some one in Germany quickly bought it and then tried to sell it back to me - for a ridiculous price! I wasn't interested. Later I found that a Korean massage therapy site had taken over my domain. Thankfully, none of the images they put on there were naughty - kind of thereputic stuff. Recently, they let the domain go and it was up for grabs again. 

Today I noticed an article on the Internet about the Beta version of Google Domains. I had a look and saw that I could easily, and cheaply, buy my domain back again - so I did! I've set it up so khadijateri.com forwards here, to my blog. 

Maybe in the future I will do something with it again. I'll have to brush up on coding - it's been a long time!

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