Friday, May 27, 2016

Keep blogging Libyans!

I want to share the link to a small article put out yesterday on the BBC website titled 'The Libyans Blogging for Change' which includes a short video featuring two Libyans; Haider Dawi, 27 year old co-founder of H2O and Khadija Al-Ramali who is co-founder of Project Silphium.

Links here:
Blogging in Libya has become increasingly dangerous in the past few years. Many bloggers have been picked up, tortured and even killed. A lot of Libyan bloggers have stopped blogging or are only posting infrequently. It's encouraging to see a resurgence of blogging, even on such a small scale. 

Keep blogging Libyans! 


  1. It's funny how they haven't mentioned your blog Mrs. Khadija!

  2. Hi khadija , it been long time since I visit this blog (from 2009) .
    anyways on that time I was know nothing about blogging web managements ..etc . but since than i educated my self and I created many websites and blogs .
    But I never thought to write anything about Libya at all because I'm person who know what Libya it's , and figure out it something not worth to write about . Let the strangers takes on our behalf as it being before .
    in such divided nation this is not strange for me since everyone attack everyone and never retried their position with their stoned minds .
    maybe letting thing going on it ways better than trying making changes that's destroying everything lift .
    regards Salem Al fitury , a Libyan .

  3. في عهد النظام السابق.. صممت ونشرت مدونة خاصة بمجال الطب.. وكنت أعلم حينها أن المدون الليبي مراقب.. أتذكر جاءني زميلي في العمل ينصحني بإلغاء مدونتي التي كانت بعيدة عن أي تلميح سياسي.. وعلمت بأنني مراقبة.. ولكنني استمريت في مدونتي ولم أجد أي مضايقة.. كانت تجربة لي لن أنساها


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