Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Ramadan Preparations Underway

Ramadan is right around the corner, less than a week away. I've been stocking up the house with basic foodstuffs, spices and buying new dishes to replace some that we've broken this past last year. There is always a big last minute rush to get things done.

In a recent post I wrote about wanting a BBQ grill that I had seen. I went back to the shop but it was gone. The shopkeeper said he might get some more in about 10 days. I will have to check back sometime soon.

When we built our house we added a small room off the terrace to be made into a kitchenette. It's still just a small tiled room. This week I bought a small stove/oven and a kitchen sink. I'm leaving it up to my husband to get the sink installed. He'll also have a piece of marble or granite cut to make a counter-top... and have it installed as well.Maybe... maybe... it will get done so we can use the kitchen this year??? Maybe....

I noticed that the International Capture the Spirit of Ramadan Photo Contest is gearing up for this year's competition. Last year quite a few Libyan photographers took part in the contest. I enjoyed seeing all the stunning photos that people from all over the world sent in. This year the focus is on Islamic architecture. Libya certainly has some beautiful examples... so I hope to see lots of submissions from Libya this year... I might even send in some photos too.

For more information see below:

The 2013 “Capture the Spirit of Ramadan” International Photography Competition™ (IRPC) categories for photo submissions are: Architecture, Spirituality, Culture

Architecture was one of the earliest artistic expressions of Islamic cultural identity inspired by the teachings and values of Islam. This year the IRPC aims to convey the splendor of this monumental art form by dedicating a section of the competition to celebrate the great Islamic architecture around the world including mosques, souks and khans, palaces, forts, monuments, mausoleums and other structures including their grounds and landscaped gardens and details such as arches, domes, mosaics, minarets, mihrab, muqarnas, columns, frieze, stained glass and gypsum carvings. Photo submissions may or may not include human elements.

The top 100 photos entered into the competition (as chosen by the competition committee) will be judged by a jury panel of international artists & photography experts. Photos are judged on the following criteria: Impact and Message, Creativity, Photographic Quality, Technical Expertise.


  • The First Place winner for each category will be awarded U.S. $1,500
  • The Second Place winner for each category will be awarded U.S. $1,000
  • The Third Place winner for each category will be awarded U.S. $500

There will be three (3) Viewers’ Choice winners as well as two (2) honorable mentions (although no prizes will be awarded to the latter). The Viewer’s Choice winners will be chosen by IRPC fans on the Facebook page,, those with the most “Likes” will each be awarded U.S. $200. The honorable mentions will be chosen for demonstrating a high caliber of quality and creativity. All winners will have their winning photograph and names published on the competition website and in affiliated media. Winners of the competition will be chosen within one month of the close of the competition and will be notified by email and public announcement on the website and social media platforms. Decisions of the judges are final and binding.

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