Saturday, June 22, 2013

Beach weather

Yesterday was the longest day of the year. In the morning the girls and I, along with our good friend Sally, had a leisurely picnic breakfast at a picnic area near the sea. It was lovely, the breeze beautiful - perfect weather.

Afterwards we went down to the beach to have a look - the usual garbage everywhere with Libyans happily sitting in the filth. Plastic bags and dirty diapers floating in the water along with the swimmers who seemed totally oblivious. What on earth is the matter with these people?

NOTE: For those of my readers who will complain and say I'm being negative about Libyans... please go down to the beach and have a look yourself... but please remove your blinders first!

I think my daughter took some pictures. I'll ask her if I can post some.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Teri. You may say "the usual garbage", I would say the accumulated filth (not just on beaches) was not "usual" until after the revolution. Things have definitely gotten worse, and I would agree and ask, "what is wrong with people?". A lot of people leaving...Well, I'm staying, teaching ESL in Nabeul next fall where there are still a few people making an effort.
    best, nadia


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