Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Waiting for the results...

My daughter Nora finished her final exams at university. If she's passed everything then she will graduate. We're waiting for the results. This year the students at Libyan universities are being given a stipend - I think it's to help pay for their needs while they study. Nora decided to save it all and pay for an ICDL - computer course - she started this week. I'm really proud of her - she's made a good decision to work on her professional development. She's also looking into applying to do a master's degree. 

Meanwhile, it seems that everyone thinks that since she is finished with university that she is now on the marriage market and plenty of those who believe in arranged marriage are calling. I'm not sure why they would even think that my daughter would be interested in an arranged marriage in the first place, but this  custom is pretty common in this part of the world. Believe it or not we have had people approach us because they feel they know everything about us because of my blog! Unfortunately, my husband is fairly useless about screening these potential suitors, so I have devised a questionnaire to make life easier (and scare people away!). See the link and hit the comments if I've left anything out. The survey is in English - if they can't manage that then that immediately eliminates them...lolol


  1. Masha'Allah, I can tell you're proud of your daughter! I'll be honest - when I looked through the list of questions for her potential suitors, it's very similar to the list of questions my then-boyfriend and I discussed before we decided we were ready for marriage. It's a good list for any couple to consider - and if someone isn't willing to be subjected to such an interrogation, then he's not the right one!

  2. Congratulations for Nora! I love that questionnaire -- it is A+++. I'll have to save a copy -- my husband's family are from Jordan and they've been trying to arrange marriages for my children since they were newborns (Mama says: that ain't happening). It's just the thing to present to any would-be spouses, male or female.

  3. i have been reading your blog since 2004 and your stories always hit my heart. sometimes i feel that i am part of your family . I have watched your kids growing year after year in your blog :)


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