Monday, September 10, 2012


I'm still going through re-entry depression. I'd tell you about it, but I'd just end up making you feel depressed or probably angry because I don't have anything nice to say about Libya.  So I won't fill you in on the details... doesn't that make you happy?

I've got a list a mile long of things that need to be done and I'm checking things off the list as I can manage to do things. As usual everything takes a lot more time than I had hoped.

I'm making some progress with my garden and planted lots and lots of flower seeds that I brought back with me from home. Now I just have to be patient while they decide to germinate and grow. I also brought home magnolia seeds... I've never had any luck with them in the past and so I'm trying once again. I spoke to a horticulturist when I was home that told me that magnolias are extremely difficult to grow from seed and I should just buy a tree... unfortunately, I couldn't find one that would fit in a suitcase (I really tried!).  A dream of mine is to have a magnolia tree in my garden - maybe my dream will come true. At any rate, gardening has been helping me with the re-entry depression... gardening = solace.

There is some hope that my house will finally be painted. We want what Libyans call graffit, which is kind of a texturized stucco. We've taken a sample of the colours we want to the painters and so far they haven't managed to match the colours... apparently no one has ever asked for the colours we want (no surprise!) and they are finding it difficult to mix the right hue. If and when they do, the painting will get underway.

School is supposed to start soon... some say it will begin on the fifteenth. The shops are bringing out school uniforms and school supplies. Summer will really be over soon! And life will fall into a routine... I hope.


  1. Welcome back! hope you pass the depression stage quickly.

  2. I hope one day you find something nice about Libya to tell or at least about the Libyan people.Thanks

    1. Salah, I say lots of nice things about Libya and it's people, but I am most definitely honest about what I see and post about. I'm not one to hide my head in the sand or romanticize, after all, I've lived here 23 years and have been married to a Libyan for nearly 30 years. I have hopes and dreams of Libya being a better place. Libyans need to remember that the whole world is watching, not just me. :)


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