Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting into Ramadan

Ramadan is nearly half way over, it seems like it's only begun. Everyday I log on to the Internet and turn on the messenger to chat with my family in Libya and to see what my girls are cooking up for the fast breaking meal and we usually chat again after they've broken their fast. Of course, with the time difference I still have six more hours until the sun sets.

My son Adam had especially requested that I spend Ramadan with him in the United States this year. For the past few years he's been fasting alone. With his work and study schedule it's difficult for him to participate in local activities in the area's mosques. He's got to be at work by 5:30 in the morning, so there are no late nights for him. We've been breaking our fast with my family and friends, who incidentally aren't Muslim, and I think they're enjoying the food.

In the past I'd written an article about Ramadan in Libya and posted it on my blog. This year I've noticed a some well written articles about how Libyans practice this Holy Month. Nihal Zaroug has written an article titled 'Ramadan in Tripoli' that was featured in the Libya Herald. Meanwhile, the Tripoli Post has been publishing a series of articles about Ramadan called 'Tales of a Libyan Ramadan' by writer Gada Mafoud. So far there are three articles; part one: 'First Ramadan as a Free Libya', part two: 'Libyan Customs During Ramadan' and part three: 'Libyan Men and Ramadan'. I'll be watching for more of the series. 

I've noticed a few articles and stories on the net about non-Muslims who are fasting Ramadan for various reasons. One story that caught my eye is about a Dallas, Texas United Methodist pastor named Rev. Wess Magruder. He's decided to observe the month of Ramadan and blog about his experience. I've been enjoying the insights on his blog

There's a photography competition entitled Capture the Spirit of Ramadan that was created in an effort to share with the world the essence of the Holy Month and to help eradicate misconceptions about the Muslim faith through the art of photography while delivering a cross-cultural and inter-faith message that captures the spirit of Ramadan. StudioBasel for Creative Solutions is awarding cash prizes to the best photos and the top 100 will be published in an ebook and posted on their Facebook page. Check out the beautiful photography that's been submitted, or better yet, join the competition.

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  1. I enjoy sharing iftars with Muslims in Turkey, especially since there are lots of special recipes that only come out for this month.


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