Friday, June 08, 2012

Chilling Out

Mom's home from the hospital (again). We're hanging out together, watching TV, reading the newspaper and looking out the window at the clouds and rain. She's getting bored and thinking up reasons why we should go out. All of a sudden it's imperative that she get an oil change for her car and she needs to buy paper cups at Sam's Club. .... She's not going anywhere.... I'm not letting her. It's time to recuperate, rest, and relax.

I've been watching Libya's news. How disappointing to see that some idiots from Tarhouna surrounded the airport a few days after I left. I got out of there in time! The situation is back under control but British Airways has stopped all their flights - so now I am stuck here which I'm looking at as good news for me. And then there are the idiots that thought it would be a good idea to bomb the US Consulate in Benghazi. These are probably the same retards that are complaining that they're unemployed because the foreign companies aren't returning. I wonder if Libya will hold elections as planned. I read somewhere that they'll be postponed for a few weeks. I'm so happy that I'm watching all this from afar. Well, actually none of this is on American TV... the news services here couldn't care less!


  1. MashAllah, thanks, you may want to click "mother" link on ireminisces..

  2. It hasn't been on the BBC either, but we had the Diamond Jubilee as an excuse here in England. Why was that news suppressed? I'm getting feedback from my Facebook friends already.

  3. Armed militants machine gunned the British Ambassador's convoy in Benghazi today, the BBC reports (at last). He was unhurt, but two of his staff were injured.
    Wonder why no one wants to invest there?


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