Thursday, December 08, 2011

Very Very Versatile! - Libyan Bloggerettes!

I've been awarded the the Versatile Blogger Award. Twice! First I got it from Expatlogue and more recently it was given to me by Jean from 2012: What's the 'real' truth? blog. She started reading my blog after a quest to find the 'real truth' about Libya. Unfortunately my internet is so slow that it's hard to get much blogging done - so now I'm finally catching up.

What is it?
The award is a kind of pay-it-forward award. Those who recieve it are asked to thank and link to the giver and then elect 5 to 15 other bloggers with the Versatile Blogger Award and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

Well, first of all - Thank you Expatlogue and Jean

Who get's the award now?
I've decided to award some of the wonderful Libyan female bloggers with this award because they are truly versatile! 

Here is my list... not in any particular order:

Enlightened Spirit  says she's 'a soul visiting this world, happened to be a libyan girl...Wish to make this earth a better place for living ...

Fragola says: I'm not a perfect hair does not always stay in place..and i spill things a lot..i'm pretty clumsy and sometimes i have a broken friends and i sometimes fight and maybe some days nothing goes right but when i think about it and take a step back i remember how amazing life truly is and that maybe just maybe i like being unperfect.

Happymoi whose blog sees her through the transitions of being a single girl, then engaged, then married and now a working mom. 

Crowded Mind says she's: a traditional sounds like crazy life..I'd like to back to school one day I'd like to do every thing

Ema a Libyan architect who loves design, her cat Tutu, and cooking - she has a cooking blog too called Happy Baking.

From the Rock - one of the longest running Libyan blogs. She's been blogging since 2003 about all kinds of things including topics about Libya, the north African region and the Arab world. 

My Enchanting Sereeb  A Libyan/British writer, artist and culinary lover. She lives abroad and gives an interesting viewpoint from outside Libya looking in. 

Lebeeya - another Libyan girl who lives abroad - but her heart is very much in Libya. Bright, sunny and sarcastic; it's always fun to read her views and ideas.

I'd like to offer a post-humous award to Hannu from D-Log  Hannu passed away last summer. She was a vibrant addition to the Libyan blogosphere. Active in promoting young Libyan women as the face behind the TIBRA scholarship award, a wife, a mother, a career woman. She touched the lives of many. She truly is deserving of the Versatile Blogger award.


  1. Mashallah! Congrats on the award, you truly deserve it. Thanks for honoring my blog, I am so happy to see that our little community is slowing coming back to life.

    I really miss Hannu's posts. I am always thinking and praying for her.

  2. Khadija .... i am so honored with your prize thank you. :-)

  3. Hi, Teri. Enjoyed your blog as usual. You manage to stay positive and the list of blogs that you provide is very interesting.
    best, nadia

  4. Great job Teri! Keep up the good work......don't know how you find the time to do all that you do, (teach, blog, house)God help you and keep up the good work! Congratulations -

  5. Hello!
    congratulations Mrs. Khadija, you really deserve it, and i do like your blog and follow it since long time, keep up going.

  6. Congratulations Khadijateri! Thank you for the mention that was so sweet especially that I don't write as regularly as before... continue blogging especially now that we have more freedom :P

  7. God! this is sweet!you made my day :P
    i'm truly honored thank you dear and congratulation on the award :}

  8. you deserve the award khadija, Masha'allah 3aleki

    I am honored with your prize thank you so much khadija :-)
    Insha'allah we'll be able to blog more and more in our new Libya

    Thank you again

    fe aman Allah

  9. Congrats on the award, you truly deserve it.

  10. Congratulation for the award, you definitely deserve it .. You might not be aware, but your blog was one of the main sparks that made mine come to life ...
    Thank you for electing my blog, it is a great honor.

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