Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's not over yet

Although we continue to celebrate, there are still pockets of fighting around Tripoli and the King of Kings and his progeny are still at large. Our electricity keeps going off and the internet connection is sporadic (but we are so thankful for what we have).

I've been staying at home (where I am safe), waiting for this to finally come to an end. I'll post when I can.

Keep Libya in your prayers. 


  1. Stay safe! It's almost over. Just stay safe.

  2. Hi, Khadija. Greeting from Romania. I descovered your blog in Mars and you really touch my heart. Especially when you said what zenga-zenga means and I understood how scared you maight be. I lived similar events 20 years ago, during the Romanian revolution, so believe me, I know. Had windows broke by bullets and a Vidia bullet that nearly missed me as memory. So when your blog stopped I was very worried for you & your family. You must know that there are a lot of decent people in the world keeping Libya and its brave people in their prairs. Have courage, it will end soon. In Bucharest it took about 2 weeks to clear the town of snipers but our army didn't have much experience with guerilla fighting.Hope this message will get to you. Rodica

  3. I am soo happy to hear you are safe. I wish Libya the best for the future.

  4. So happy you're back to posting...I was checking your blog regularly and praying for your family's safety. Keep well xxxxx Thanks for letting us know you're ok.

  5. wow this is amazing you must have been through something with your family and friend! Hold on. Hope for a much better future!

    stay on!

    happy ramanda

    a lurker:)

  6. Hope you people are doing well in Libya we germans dont know so much about our country and so its very difficult for us to decide wether the fightings are good for your country . Whos the good and whos the bad guy.
    Therefore best wishes for peace to everyone.


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