Friday, October 08, 2010

My favourite month - October

Nothing exciting has been happening in my life lately (thank God). I've been enjoying my weeks and savouring my weekends. 

The kids are back to school, with the exception of Yusef. I'm looking for a tutor for him... Arabic is such a complicated language...sigh... imagine having to repeat the year because you failed one subject (Arabic) by two marks... one subject by two marks...sigh.. depressing. He's being allowed to retake just Arabic. I need to find someone who can pound Arabic into his hard head. I am soooo happy that it wasn't English that he failed - I can blame the Arabic on his father!

The weather is changing. Last week there were a couple of hot, muggy, humid days, but for the most part it's been lovely. I've been doing things in the garden and getting some fall cleaning done inside the house. I was out in the garden this morning... it's that time of year again - tortoise mating season - a very noisy business...clunk, clunk, clunk! The tortoises in our garden have been very busy! 

The garden will look so much nicer when the house finally gets painted - by the way, we added a cockatiel to our menagerie recently. I read on the internet that they can be taught to speak so I shout out 'Paint the house!' every time I walk by it's cage in the hope that it will learn the phrase. I'm so tired of saying it to hubby. He mentioned this morning that he was thinking of painting the iron work either yellow or orange. I hope he was joking because if he does that I will definitely have a heart attack and then I won't have the strength to strangle him.

October.... my birthday is this month, but better than that is Halloween. I'm on the lookout for ORANGE pumpkins.... so far I can only find big dark green ones. 


  1. Greetings, KT. The closest I've seen in Libya are some pale yellowish pumpkins. How about getting any old pumpkin and painting it orange? You might start a new tradition.

  2. My Birthday in Oct too
    I want to celebrate it
    I m alone here in France and I don't have friends if you were me what would you do to make it special and different


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