Thursday, January 27, 2005

The kids go back to school Saturday! Yeah! I'm getting excited already. The noise level in my house has been the highest it's been in a long time. I've taken to wearing the headphones from my computer just to try to muffle the noise a bit. I even went out today to see if I could find a pair of wireless ones so I wouldn't have the wire wrapped around my neck. Six kids in a small apartment are just too much! Of course everyone thinks just because you have half a dozen kids that you must like them, so they send their kids over to play too. I am sick enough of looking at my own kids - I get to look at the neighbors kids and various nieces and nephews too.

On top of all this is a sick cat. Poor Siamese has tonsillitis and the vet has ordered all kinds of medicine. I never knew that cats could get tonsillitis, but that is what the vet said so we'll go along with it. She gets three injections every day for about a week. One of them is some kind of vitamin concoction and is painful - she yowls, bites whoever she can manage to bite, and then proceeds to pee - right then and there. I try to find something to keep me out of the way while the shots are being given - hmmm. . . I think it's time to clean the toilet bowls, or I pretend to be looking for something very important in the back of the cabinet in my room.

And then there's Mustafa . . .Mustafa is on this kick saying he wants me to make a schedule- mapping out the times that I use the computer. He thinks that my computer use interferes with daily life. I decided to make a schedule for him instead - He gets three hours every evening designated to watching Aljazeera. I showed him the schedule and he wadded it up into a ball and threw it across the room. I picked it up and smoothed out the paper and stuck it on the mirror in our bedroom. I told him my computer time is the same three hours while he is watching Aljazeera. Do you know what he said? - He said that while he is watching Aljazeera he wants me to be serving him tea and roasting peanuts for him!

Ha! That will be the day!


  1. you look after six kids and other people's your husband...(plus you work?)... and he is saying your computer time is interfering with your responsibilities??? you definitely need time for yourself and to keep your sanity... that would make me mad too!

  2. Isnt that typical for your part of the world?


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