Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Locusts in Tajoura!

Recently parts of the Mededteranian have been overcome by locusts. The following is an eyewitness account of the swarms in Tajoura, Libya:

Dateline : Condo On The Med. ,

You are not going to believe this ! The locust came back yesterday and they swarmed overhead from 2:30 p.m. until dark at 6:00 p.m. It was so weird ! We had thought they were all gone the other day but all of the sudden they came flying back over our area surprising us all . It was just a few ……….. thousand , then it was a millions , and finally it was billions flying so closely packed that it was like a fog at some point .They flew in from the east , then they turned around and flew back over us going to the east again . The people around us started fires and the smoke scared them . You could see them heading in one direction and then take a sharp turn to avoid the smoke . A plane flew over and they freaked , scattering to the 4 winds ! They descended to the ground , some of them , to land in the field behind our apartments to chop the tender green shoots of grass that have shot up after the last rain we had , only to left off in a dusty beige cloud because a car drove by the field . The noise frightened them away . They were flying so low at one point , that they were bunching off the top of our apartment building .People were below , walking around like nothing going on , as the locust were mostly high up in the air ! It was so strange to see this going on outside my very own window . Surrealistic , if you could just imagine it ! The oddest thing was , when grasshoppers/ locust swarm like this they are called gagraious locust , and gagarious means to talk ; but when we braved opening the window , all you heard was the silence . There wasn’t any noise at all , none . Smoke from fires set all over the surrounding countryside drifted lazily across the Mediterranean Sea that the locust tried to avoid being pushed out over because the temperatures were cooler than the land temperatures . Sunset the temperature dropped over the land as well and the locust disappeared . We assumed that they would be around again at day break , but they had just disappeared ! Magic !Pouf ! Gone , I hope for good . I don’t know what the damage to the country side is as the very strangest thing about this whole thing is , no one wants to talk about them now that they are gone . Maybe they think it will ginks them ?Odder yet , there were no little bodies littering the ground today either !Not one single one .

This is all the news in English from your intrepid reporter , from:

The Condo On The Med , ; this is Sydney Hamed signing off for now!

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