Over in a flash...

Jenna and I went out to run some errands this evening. We went out with a list and managed to cross off everything and then we headed for home. The traffic was bumper to bumper for cars heading out of Ainzarah towards Tripoli. Thank God we were headed in the opposite direction.

As we pulled off the blacktop on to the dirt road that leads to our house we saw a fireball arch across the sky in front of us. We both squealed with delight at the same time and then we started laughing. What a beautiful sight! (A fireball is a large, very bright meteor often seen with a tail of flame.)

Tonight I looked in the news to see if there are any meteor showers and found out that it's the last day of the Coma Berenicid meteor showers. This year it's been making lots of headlines with it's spectacular shows.

A nice end to the weekend and the school's winter holidays. It ended all too quickly. The kids go back to school tomorrow.


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