Rounding up the kids' school holiday

We had a peaceful day yesterday. After lunch we took a drive in the country and visited with friends. Just what we all needed.

It's been an extremely dry winter this year. The field in the picture below is normally full of wildflowers at this time of year, but it was dry. You can see the mountains of Gharian in the background through the haze. I think it's time to start praying for rain... or do a rain dance or something.

[Click on the picture for an enlargement]

This winter has been so mild. We've only used the heat in the house a few times and I think I wore a sweater only twice. I always look forward to winter because I enjoy the rain - but this year there's hardly been any. And spring is just around the corner. The almond trees are already in bloom.

It was a nice, quiet Friday. Today I'm going to be busy running errands and doing housework. Tomorrow the kids go back to school - their mid-term holiday is over. Back to routine again. Jenna is insisting on a new school uniform for the next half of the school year. Her legs have gotten longer or her pants have gotten shorter! We'll have to see what we can find.


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