Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Getting through

This week seems to be dragging on and on. I think it's partly because of the lingering remnants of the flu that I'm still recovering from. There's also the fact that the kids are on school holidays and are bored to death. They moan and complain that they've got nothing to do.

Last night I went to bed and watched the movie 'Changeling' on my iPod. If I want to describe the movie in one word I would say 'disturbing'. Yep, that's it. It's based on a true story and stars Angelina Jolie. The story itself was disturbing, but Angelina Jolie's weird looking humongous lips were equally disturbing. I recommend the film to anyone that wants to spend over two hours of their life on something only to come off feeling disturbed... lol

While I was watching the film the kids were busy watching our cat, Layla, giving birth to kittens. Jenna came in to tell me every time a new one emerged. She had three, all of them healthy and cute.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. I'm still trying to decide whether to fill it with adventures or just hang out around the house. The kids deserve an adventure, seeing that it is their school holiday and so far they haven't done much of anything. But I feel like I'm dragging this week... hanging out doing nothing might be better for me. We'll have to wait and see...


  1. Ellen did that the last time Hello Kitty had kittens, lay on my bed peering under it where HK was in a box. Another one, one more, and another...


  2. MashaAllah...if you ever need a home for new kittens pass 'em my way! I love cats :)


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