I was tagged...

On the Edge is busy tagging people and I was one of the people that she chose. She has a whole list of different topics for the people she chose and this is what she tagged me with:

"Tell us about the roses you've stopped to smell recently in your busy life that you normally wouldn't."

I think she's worried that I'm too busy working hard these days and not taking time for leisurely pursuits. In a way she is right. I have been working hard lately - but I enjoy it.

Actually I often 'smell the roses' while I'm at work. I go outside on my coffee break and stand under a fig tree in the garden and take a deep breath. I love the musky odor that fig trees have. Even when fig trees don't have any fruit on them, the wood of the tree smells wonderful (at least it does to me). While I'm breathing in the tree's perfume I look up into it and watch the birds that sit in it's branches. Wasps often flit about, buzzing from leaf to leaf looking for a flower. They must be lured in by the scent too. There is usually a cat prowling nearby, hoping for a handout from someone that's on their break - a scrap from a tuna sandwich perhaps. 

In no time at all my coffee break is over and I return to work refreshed. 

(I'm not tagging anyone... it's enough that you've had to read my gibberish.... lolol...)


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