Uneventful, boring, enjoyable

It's been a peaceful weekend and I've done nothing but relax and enjoy it.

Friday after lunch the girls and I drove out to see how the house building was going at the farm. The tile is being installed in the garden and driveway. It's moving along sloooooowly. Later I went out for coffee with some friends.

Saturday I stayed home mostly, just going out to do some hunting and gathering at the butcher shop and greengrocer's. In the evening I did some errands; picking up dry cleaning and bread from the bakery.

Sunday was a public holiday but the shops were open even though most offices, businesses and schools were closed. The kids and I discussed the idea of going to a motorcycle/automobile expo they'd heard about, but in the end we didn't really feel like it. I took the girls shopping. Jenna got a pair of shoes and a bag and we stopped at the ice cream shop in Zawiat Damani for a treat. The ice cream there is good, but I think it's even better this year than it was last year. It seemed creamier today.


We returned home as the sun was setting and I stopped the car and took a picture because it looked so pretty. I hope you had a nice weekend too.

Blogger is acting up today.... not sure if the picture posted correctly...


  1. Fascinating, compelling blog! Thank you

  2. I had a sleeping weekend , lol

    Try the icecream of "AL-SABIKA BELKHAIR" in Alwadi St.
    It's more creamy and yammy.

  3. hello khadija...isnt it scary to drive there?its one of the issues i have of coming to live there with my husband and family...:)

  4. Thanks TR and Maiuna.

    Heba let's go get ice-cream together sometime. :)

    leyal - it's scarier to be the passenger. Driving at least you are in control. I lived in Miami for 6 years and they drive almost as bad as in Libya there... the Cuban influence or something.

  5. I thought Miami would be full of traffic police just like in films...!
    Anyway compliments on yr blog..it gives me courage on my big move to tripoli one day!!

  6. It's been a quite peaceful weekend
    Done nothing but listened to the wind

    Friday me and the girls had a good lunch
    I gathered them in my car by the bunch

    Decided to go to check our house in our farm
    Figured will do us a lot of good and no harm

    Tile is being installed in the garden and driveway.
    It’s getting there even though It's moving along slowly

    Later I thought of going out and do some errands
    Instead I went out for coffee with some friends

    Saturday done nothing and had a lazy day
    Loved every bit of it and I stayed home mostly

    Got the butcher N’ greengrocer's out of my way
    Picked up dry cleaning N’ bread at the end of the day

    Sunday came along and was a public holiday
    Took the girls shopping and made their day

    A bag for Jenna and a very lovely shoes
    Then a yummy ice cream with a lot of ooze

  7. Teri,

    What a beautiful pic !

    my dear you are being serenated ?wow!

    I am jealous lol.



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