Where is this? - #10

Another picture for the 'Where is this?' challenge. If you think you know where it is (or you want to guess) click on comments. I think this one is super easy! For a closer look you can click on the image.

The pictures for the game 'Where is this?' have all been taken from someplace in Libya and are in an area open to the public. The prize for the winner will be the satisfaction of knowing that you had the right answer! - I'll let you know who the winner is.


I knew this one would be an easy one.

Dania's mama said: "it is the traffic light crossing 3arada street with alhani street .. i can see the makbarat(cemetery of ) alhani in the right end of the photo"

Yes, it's on the corner near Alhani. The other day Sara and I were out driving around and to avoid some traffic we took a turn and ended up in Alhani, on the top road that overlooks the main road. Sara said 'Hey mom! The view from up here is different.' So of course I stopped the car and snapped a few pictures.

You can see all the apartment buildings on the horizon. When you're on the road below you don't see them. Sometimes taking a short detour not only adds to the adventure, but gives you a new outlook on things too. I'll keep taking detours!

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  1. hey khadija
    it is near my family home so it is the traffic light crossing 3arada street with alhani street ..
    i can see the makbarat(cemetery of ) alhani in the right end of the photo

    is it right?

    Dania`s mama

  2. I know...I know...Finally I knew one of your mysterious (Where is this?)...

    It'sssssssssssss in Libyaaaaaaa



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