A Photo Tour of Libya

I found an interesting blog by Michael J. Totten - A Photo Tour of Libya (November 2004).

The pictures on his blog are interesting, but beware! He's a bit negative and not so accurate in his facts about Libya. God alone knows what kind of tour guide this guy had! There are all kinds of nice and interesting things to look at in Tripoli, but his tour guide seemed to take him on a tour of the city's seedier sites. Maybe he was on some kind of bargain tour or something. Of course he was visiting in November which was cold and rainy, so he got some images with mud-puddles and standing water and it was also Ramadan while he was here so there was probably not much going on. He also took pictures of buildings that were in the process of renovation. Building sites never look glamorous. Who would want to tour a Muslim country in Ramadan? What was he thinking? Hmm . . . definitely some kind of bargain tour.

On the positive side, he has some lovely pictures of Ghadames, the desert, and Nalut. Anyway - go look at his photos and remember that tourism in Libya is in its infancy! We got a looooooong way to go.


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