Monday, June 20, 2016

Half of Ramadan & a Link

We've reached the halfway mark in Ramadan. I've noticed a few things about this stage of fasting, namely that you are in the fasting groove and it feels like you can accomplish anything. Also the appetite has decreased - finishing a bowl of soup becomes a challenge.

It's been a few years since I spent Ramadan away from a Muslim country. People are eating and drinking everywhere I go. The supermarket is filled with all kinds of delicious things. Food is everywhere, but I don't feel very hungry or thirsty. Three weeks ago I couldn't go anywhere without my water bottle in the Florida heat, but now I can go the entire day without a sip of water and not feel that I am missing out which is quite amazing because I usually drink water throughout the day. Subhan'allah.... Physically I feel better. A lot better! 

On a less positive note: Ramadan in Libya this year has not been very pleasant. The power cuts continue. People are not able to withdraw money from the banks which means they cannot buy the food and supplies needed to feed their families. There are reports of lines at gas stations. The water supply has been cut to the capitol and other parts of the country. Fighting continues, kidnapping continues, shortages of medicine and medical supplies continues....  People are protesting but nothing is changing.   

I hope and pray that the remaining half of Ramadan continues to be easy for me, but also that there are improvements for those suffering in Libya. 

Sharing a link: I came across a blog written by an Italian, Arnaldo Guidatti, who has been living in Libya for 17 years and blogging for two. He has an interesting perspective about life and current events in Libya. I will add his blog, Europe & Libya to the links on my sidebar when I get a chance to sort them all out as many of the blogs that were listed are now gone and the list needs updating. He's written a post about this year's Ramadan in Libya: RAMADAN IN LIBIA in collaborazione con un Musulmano  the post is in both Italian and English. 


  1. Really glad you are feeling that way, and yes! You summed up what's going on in Libya (Tripoli in specific) perfectly!

    I'll check the blog you suggested :)

  2. As you mentioned that super market is filled with all kinds of delicious things, how often do you face the issue of finding halal food in States?

    One of my pakistani friend living in france finds it okay to consume jerked beef but avoids pork. Likewise, my relatives were comfortable to consume McDonalds Icecream in korea, where the concept of Halal is not common. Many people many thresholds.

    What is your take on it?


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