A few weeks ago I blogged about how the electric company were out changing all the cables and putting in new poles in my neighbourhood. The guy from the electric company had told me it was to make sure that everyone had a steady supply of electricity in the area. Apparently some of the neighbours had been having problems with very weak power, leaving them unable to run appliances and dimming their lighting. Our electricity had always been fine...until now.... 

Ever since they 'fixed' the electricity we've had weak power. The microwave takes twice as long to heat up anything, the lights are dim and go on and off. Sometimes the lamps blow up. Today we tried to use the popcorn maker and finally gave up and made the popcorn the old fashioned way. The wimax modem keeps disconnecting. If it messes up my computer I'm going to be pissed off for sure.

I hope they get their act together.. grrrrr.. this is really making me cranky!


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