Night blooms & the end of a special month

The last few days were scorching hot and very dusty. In fact, yesterday it was so dusty that you couldn't see the sun. Today the weather cleared and I went out in the garden and had a look around. I noticed that one of my cacti was getting ready to bloom. It's flowers open in the evening but by the next day they wilt and fall off. So we brought it inside and put it on the windowsill next to my desk so we could enjoy it while it lasted.

Ramadan is nearly over. My mother-in-law came this evening to see how the house was progressing and she said that Eid would be on Saturday. She said it was mentioned on TV. We haven't been watching TV this month.

At the beginning of Ramadan we bought a new satellite dish and receiver but we never bothered to install it. We've spent the entire month without TV... it's been truly wonderful. Actually we enjoyed not having TV so much that we might just forgo TV during Ramadan every year.

I'll have to go out tomorrow and do some shopping. The last day before Eid is a madhouse with lots of traffic and everyone pushing and shoving to get everything done. I'll be right in there with them!


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