Networking... must we be sociable?

I keep getting invitations from people in my contacts to join various social networking sites. Must we be so sociable? Does anyone really care what I am doing this very moment of my life? Does joining one, or many, or all of these sites enrich our lives to the extent that it's worth spending time updating them all the time?

I've been holding off on joining these. Am I antisocial? No, I'm not. Unfortunately, because these sites are so easy to enroll in there comes the possibility that your identity can be stolen. Anyone can enroll using your name and in seconds impersonate you. They are then free to publish all kinds of unsavoury and possibly embarrasing things.

Am I being paranoid? Maybe... but googling one's name is a common practice nowadays. It's also becoming a standard procedure that many companies use during their hiring process. One way to protect yourself from identity theft on the internet is to register for various sites. You don't have to use them, just secure your name.

Bugroff! - the antisocial networking site.... lolol


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