Time for a new look

Before the funeral we had been in the middle of painting the boy's bedroom and rearranging the furniture. We had gotten the room half painted and had to stop. The painting supplies and cans of paint were stacked up to be used later.

This morning Yusef got up and started in painting. The house smells of paint, the CD player is blasting and Yusef is going at the job with gusto. I insisted that he paint over the mural he did on the wall... It had '2 Pac' in huge letters across the length of one wall with geometric designs in bright, vibrant colours. Yusef wanted to paint around it but I told him to cover it and we'd paint something else. He's mostly through the 2 Pac stage anyway.. time for something new.

The painting will be done this afternoon and then we'll be able to put the furniture back and hang the curtains again. The carpet needs to be taken to the cleaners.

I told Yusef that as soon as we get the boy's room done we will start on painting the entry. I love it when the house has a fresh coat of paint.


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