One more day

Adam has one more day of exams. All the kids will be finished then. I'm not sure what we will do with the whole summer.

Mustafa has gone off on a business trip. I hope he comes back in a better mood. It seems the good old baladia (libyan city hall kind of thing) has been giving all the shop owners in town misery. This is why dear hubby has not been in the best of moods - and unfortunately it is so convienient to have me around to take out his frustrations. It's a good thing that he does 'the silent treatment' as it keeps him from saying anything ugly.

The girls have cleaned out the kitchen cabinets. I instructed them to remove all but the minimum of dishes and put them in the cabinet that has a lock on it. Now when I come home from work I am not faced with as many dirty dishes as before. Less dishes in the cabinet, means less dishes to get dirty, and hense less dishes to wash. I am fed up with dishes - seriously, I'm thinking of throwing them all away and going out and buying paper plates.

Destroy trees, or use water and fill the environment with detergent residue? . . . . have to make a choice . . .


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