Spring? and a visit

Maybe spring is on it's way here - the weather is getting a bit warmer. I opened the windows today and let the air blow through the house.


Last year my sister-in-law died and her husband remarried last week, so a few days ago I gave the new bride a phone call and told her I would come over for a visit to meet her. My sister-in-laws were not too thrilled with the idea that I was calling her - they had all kinds of nasty things to say about their dead sister's husband. But I told them -'Hey, do you think the guy should stay single forever?' 'He has three kids to look after and a big house. And he has only one sister and no brothers so his family is really small - he's lonely.'

Yesterday I went out to buy her a gift - I couldn't decide what to get, but after a while I bought her two very pretty scarves. I wrapped them up and put them in a pretty gift bag and the girls and I got dressed up and off we went to visit her.

She was very nice, not pretty, short - normal looking. I liked her. My girls liked her. But most of all she seems to fit right in with my neice and nephews and her new home.

I hope that my sister-in-laws get over their jealousy - it's very ugly of them.


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