Almost that time of the year again

Mustafa went out to find the perfect sheep for Eid. Eid is gonna be on Thursday, and we've been getting ready. They always jack the prices of the sheep up this time of year 'cause they know you've got to buy one. So Mustafa's been grumbling about things (he'll never admit to be grumbling about the sheep - just takes it out in other ways).

The kids are on holiday from school. Adam's gone to his grandmother's house. Mustafa had the nerve to accuse me of not being a good mother to him - ' Oh look, Adam had to go to my mother's house because you don't pay enough attention to him.' he says. - 'Oh please! Adam is escaping this dinky little apartment we live in - get your ass moving and finish building the house! Do you want to have Adam sitting in the house fighting and arguing with Nora all day? Or would you rather he hang out in the street and get into trouble?' I say.

Grumble, grumble, grumble. I am not looking forward to sitting with my sister in laws on Eid day. Cutting up meat from morning to late afternoon with them will be very trying on my patience. I guess I am just angry because for the past two years we have said 'Next year we will have Eid in our new house.' I am beginning to think that will never happen. Excuses, excuses, excuses . . . After Eid I better see something going on at the building site or I might do something drastic. - like run away or something!!!!

I'll post some sheep pictures soon - Now that you can count on!!!


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